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Get a Free License

You have an opportunity to get a FREE license for one of these our products:

You can to obtain a free license in two ways:

  1. Process your photo using one of our above-mentioned programs then send us the initial photo and result of processing. The initial photo should be in JPG format only while result of processing may be in format TPI or JPG either. You can process the photo using trial program version or free program version. Once a month we will choose best of the sent works and to publish them on our site. We will send the free license to authors of published works.
  2. If you have blog or site you can write in couple of sentences how you use our product. Don't forget to provide the link to our site or program page and then inform us. Please don't copy content from our site, use your own words. Don't post in sites containing warez, pornography or unlawful content.

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