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Image Resize Guide - Smart Image Resize and Objects Removal.

When processing pictures, we often would like to change the size and / or aspect ratio of the image. Of course, the task can be completed by cutting the image, adjusting the size, and hiding some portion of the picture. But it is better to install Image Resize Guide and to use the Smart Resize tool. When resizing, the program analyzes the image to detect "important" and "unimportant" areas. The most "uninteresting" picture areas are compressed or duplicated, but "interesting" ones remain unchanged. Also you can manually select the picture objects, if you desire them to be unchanged. It may be people, big trees, easily-recognizable straight shaped objects, and so on.

Sometimes you might like to remove desirable objects on the image. It can be people, uninteresting details in the landscape, or you might simply want to change a picture's composition. In this case, the "Smart Remove" tool is useful. The best results are achieved on snow, water, or greenery background.

The program tools are easy to use. You don't have to complete difficult operations with layers for selecting removable and protected objects. Just paint over unimportant areas with red, important objects with green, and then click the Start button. The program will do the rest.

Before using the program, it is recommended that you look at the demonstration examples showing how correct your images.

The program can be used as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop or other compatible program.

Windows XP and Vista are supported.

Product page: Image Resize Guide - image resize program.


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