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The Plastic Tool - Changes Limited Only by Your Imagination.

The Tint Guide company has released a new Plastic tool that allows you to easily and quickly change the body forms and features in a photo.

With the Plastic tool, you can perform deformations by increasing or reducing image fragments. You can select from four brush forms - from more rounded shaping to "sharper" painting. All transformations are carried out in a real time and displayed on the screen. At any time you can undo the last several steps or simply start over.

Examples of Plastic tool use: increase eye size, change the face and the nose shape, "correct" lip and eyebrow form, reduce the waist, increase the breast, build up the biceps. You can also create cheerful caricatures and cartoons. Everything is limited only by your imagination!

The Plastic tool can be useful for those who wish to change their looks by means of plastic surgery and for doctors who discuss potential possibilities with their patients. The Plastic tool allows you to try many virtual modifications of appearance in search of the optimum result. You can try endless variations in your photos in just a few minutes absolutely painlessly and without harm to your health.

Before using the Plastic tool, it is recommended that you look at the demonstration examples which show how to work with images.

The Plastic tool is added to the Beauty Guide and Cosmetic Guide programs.

Both programs support Windows XP/Vista and can be used as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop or other compatible program.

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